“Something just doesn’t feel right… I’m always bloated… I have a constant lack of energy…”

These are all symptoms of a food intolerance or sensitivity.

Unlike a food allergy which closes up your throat, food sensitivities create chronic inflammation in the gut which can affect the way nutrients are metabolised, and if severe, allow fecal matter into your bloodstream (Think leaky gut). Over time the Nutrismart test has proven its value, especially since symptoms of food intolerance tests are not apparent immediately and can appear even after a few days of consumption.

The Nutrismart Food Sensitivity Test allows you to test 57 various foods, from the specifics of casein (found in cow’s milk) to bananas and potatoes! All we need is 1 drop of blood and 30 minutes of your time.

After the test, we discuss the impact your diet has on your health concerns and a rotation plan is offered in order to reduce the inflammation, repair the gut and get you back to optimal health


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