Let’s start with an introduction to me and what I bring to the table. My name is Dr Faseeha Esmailjee and I have spent the last seven years completing my Master’s degree in Homeopathy.

When I started the course people told me it would be tough. I didn’t realise how tough it actually is until you find yourself spending sleepless nights trying to study for an Anatomy final or weeks on end learning how to properly examine a patient for a heart murmur.

My fifth year is when all the strings tied together and I began seeing patients. With homeopathy a case-taking is so much more intricate than a headache = painkiller. Don’t get me wrong homeopathy can work wonders for an acute situation and provide pain relief, but for the remedy to work effectively you need to be able to elicit symptoms from your patient. The patient needs to tell you what makes the headache better or worse, whether any foods particularly aggravate the headache? Being able to get that sort of information means that you need to ensure that your patient is comfortable around you and as such communication and interpersonal skills are of utmost importance within this profession.

I have attended the Khula Natural Health Centre, a rural homeopathic centre, in Kwazulu Natal which has opened my eyes to how sheltered and lucky many of us are in that we have access to primary health care and health professionals which have the time to explain what the reasons are for disease manifestations. This experience led me to not underestimate the importance of health education which has become a newfound interest of mine.

Please join me as I use this platform to explore, educate and provoke thoughts on your wellbeing.

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